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Ceiling Shadowless Lamp

Model No. - CMI 104

Ceiling Shadowless Lamp (Model No. - CMI 104) by Meditech (India) is used for all major and minor surgeries as it ensures consistent lighting with great intensity is provided with parabolic reflectors which reduces heat and keeps the dome shaped head cool. With the help of sterilizing handle provided in the centre of the dome, the focus can be adjusted. It is suspendable and light in weight is fully spring balanced cool light which can be easily adjusted. This operation reflector light offers the shadowless illumination as compared to other standard models.

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Features :

    • It uses 4 halogen bulbs as a light source.
    • Exceptional depth of illumination.
    • It has parabolic reflectors and color correcting filters.
    • Superior cold rendition for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
    • Shadow less light and it gives maximum light output with minimum heat dissipation.
    • Color correcting filters & Parabolic reflectors


Technical Specification :

Model No.

CMI 104

Dome Head

550 mm

Halogen Bulbs

24V x 70W x 4 nos.

Illumination Intensity at 1m

50,000 Lux

Height Adjustment

914 mm

Parabolic Reflector

180 mm

Color Temperature

4200 K ±300

Temp rise in field (1 mt)


Control Unit