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Examination Light EL 570

Model No. - EL 570

This examination lamp by Meditech (India) uses LED lights as a light source. The most important features are good, low radiation temperature, persistent technical parameters and long working time. LED technology is environment-friendly and these lamps have been manufactured with the highest concern for the natural environment. It offers high efficiency in low energy consumption; it is easy to use with control panel provided which enables adjustment of light intensity. Indirectly it affects the reduction of carbon emission and contributes to stopping global warming. Low energy consumption is also a measurable economic benefit. Meditech Light are leading Manufacturer,Suppliers and Exporters from New Delhi India of Examination Light or Examination Lighting.

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Features :

    • It is moveable and can be positioned easily.
    • It provides illumination intensity of 50,000 Lux ±10%.
    • The focus diameter of 15-20 cm.
    • Lamp with set color temperature of 4500 K.
    • CRI (Color Rendering Index) 93.
    • Brightness can be controlled through the touch panel provided.
    • Number of LED lights in light head is 21.
    • LED lifetime 30,000 hrs.
    • Power Supply 220V/50Hz AC.

Technical Specification :

Illumination intensity

50,000 Lux ±10%

Focus dia

15-20 cm

Color temperature

4500 K

CRI (Colour Rendering Index)


Brightness control

Touch Panel

No. of LEDs


LEDs lifetime

30000 hrs.

Power supply

220V/50Hz AC