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Horse Shoe Head Shape Cervical Attachment

Horse Shoe Head Shape Cervical Attachment

Neuro Attachment

Meditech (India) best manufacturer, supplier of neurosurgery attachments provides Horse Shoe Head Shape Cervical Attachment which is meant for decreasing the downtime of operations, a cervical attachment use for all prone position procedures. It is reliable and provides ultimate solution equipped with a soft sponge rubber for equalizing weight distribution. Because of its great features and use it is in high demand among hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions.

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Features :

    • This cervical neuro attachment can be used for surgeries and other procedures of the prone position.
    • It is made highly comfortable with soft padding and pliable sponge rubber so that it can equalize the weight properly.
    • Making it accommodate various head sizes the width can be easily adjusted.
    • Adjustable pulley bar which is removable also is included if traction is desired.