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LED Operation Light

Model No. - LS 103

LED Operation Light by Meditech (India) provides good visibility and the homogeneous illumination of 100000 Lux. It is suspendable and light in weight as well as comfortable sterilized handles that enable easy setup and precise positioning of focus diameter and also effortless movement. Provided with control panel and sterilize handle to adjust focus diameter. It uses LED lights as a light source; the most important features are good, persistent technical parameters, low radiation temperature and long working time. Because of its aerodynamic shape, it minimizes the disruption of airflow.

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Features :

    • Control Panel is provided to adjust the intensity of light and on/off.
    • Calibrated arm helps in effortless movement and provide great light for perfect surgery.
    • LEDs are low in maintenance and long lasting.
    • Energy-efficient LED lights are cool and maintains the temperature.
    • It is moveable and can be positioned easily.
    • It provides illumination intensity of 100000 Lux ±10%.
    • The focus diameter of 10-15 cm.
    • Lamp with set color temperature of 4300 K.
    • Comfortable handles, enable easy setup and precise positioning at all point without drift and also effortless movement.
    • Lux intensity & on/off can be controlled through the touch panel provided.

Technical Specification :


LS 103

Light head dia

515 mm

Illumination intensity @1 m

100000 Lux

Focus dia

10-15 cm

Color temperature

4300 K

CRI (Color Rendering Index)


Focus adjustable


No. of LEDs


LEDs lifetime

50,000 hrs

Control unit