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Medical Light

Model No. - Z 500 + 300

Medical Light Z 500 + 300 offers the best lighting for medical examination and many surgical procedures. LEDs fitted in the equipment release bright but cool light and consume less power. It has excellent shadow control and gives a clear visibility of the tissue. The light is easy to move over the surgical table with hands free approach. This ensures hygiene while using the light. It has a simple mechanical handle for light focussing. The product has passed through rigorous tests for various quality parameters. It has highest quality standards.

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Features :

    • The operating light is designed for use in high demanding surgical procedures.
    • Light head is resistant to infections and is easy to clean.
    • The LED bulbs provide bright light, consume less power and have long life.
    • For hygiene purposes, the mechanical focussing handle can be easily removed and cleaned
    • With hands-off approach, the light can be adjusted for intensity and switching the light on/off
    • Ensure effortless movement with calibrated arms.
    • Ambient light for minimal invasive surgery.
    • Fitted with micro computer for digital control of luminance - 10%-100%. 
    • Excellent day light quality.
    • Height and angle of the light can be adjusted through the flexible and balances arms suspension system of the equipment.
    • Z 500 + 300 offers high light intensity with uniform availability across the operation field
    • It can be mounted on a wall or on the ceiling

Technical Specification :

Model No.

Z 500 + 300

Light Intensity @ 1 mt:

1,50,000 Lux + 1,00,000 Lux

Number of LED’s:

90 + 54

Life-Span of LED’s:

50,000 hrs.

Focus Dia:

15-25 cm

Light Head Size

62.5 cm + 52.5 cm

Depth of Illumination

110 cm

Color Rendering Index Ra (1):


Color Temperature:

4300 K

Illuminating Adjustment:

10% - 100 %

Height Adjustment:

120 cm

Total Power Consumption:

50 W + 30 W



Power Supply:

160V-240V DC, 50Hz

Control Unit: