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Mobile OT Light

Model No. - MI 20

Mobile OT Light (Model no. MI 20) the head of the light is dome-shaped and has daylight characters and can be adjusted as per the operation requirements. Mobile OT Light has parabolic reflectors and color correcting filters and provides consistent light distribution and its high intensity and also efficiency which guarantee a uniform lighting. It is movable and light in weight the spring arm is made up of stainless steel, as well as comfortable sterilized handles that enable easy setup and precise positioning of focus diameter and also effortless movement.

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Features :

    • It uses 2 halogen bulbs as a light source.
    • The color temperature range is 4,200 K ±300 as natural color tone.
    • Small and compact base with four castors, the reduced footprint still offers complete stability.
    • Provided with the battery at the base, this sophisticated battery gives up to 3 Hrs of uninterrupted run-time if there is power loss.

Technical Specification :

Dome Head

504 mm

Halogen Bulbs

24V x 150 W x 2 nos.

Illumination Intensity at 1m

90,000 Lux

Height Adjustment

1078 mm

Dichoric Glass Reflector


Color Temperature

4200 K ±300

Temp rise in field (1 mt)

1° C

Control Unit


Battery Backup (optional)

3 hrs.