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Orthopedic Attachment

Model No. - MI 112

Orthopedic attachment provide by Meditech (India) is the most important item for hospitals and clinics; these are highly used as it allows the operating table to be used for the lower extremity procedures. Therefore it should be best in quality without any defects as it helps the surgeons to work comfortably. It is highly durable and made from stainless steel and can be used with any operating table, being excellent in durability and functionality it is in high demand among hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions.

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Features :

    • The Orthopedic Attachment MI 112 can be used with any operating table.
    • A pelvic support plate is provided additionally which is supported on top of the frame and is formed with an asymmetrical construction.
    • The stirring instruments provide flexion/rising of legs and ball joints locked from the foot end.
    • It allows flexion and rotation of foot with traction shoe with the metallic sole.
    • Orthopedic Knee crutches are padded which provides support to the patient’s legs.

    Accessories :

    • Tibia Nailing
    • Femur Nailing
    • Hip Prosthesis
    • Steinmen Pin Holder
    • Perineal Post for Adult & Child