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Surgical Light

Model No. - Z 500 + 500

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Features :

    • The operating light designed for the use in high demanding surgical procedures.
    • Light head is designed with smooth transition and surfaces to ensure fast and effective cleaning.
    • State of the art LED Bulbs used to ensure low energy consumption and long service life.
    • Revolving outer handle at the light head provide to allow focusing.
    • The light have feather touch control panel on the light suspension for adjustment of light intensity, on/off.
    • Precise positioning at all points of articulation without drift.
    • Ensure effortless movement inside calibrated arms ambient light for minimally invasive surgery.
    • Micro computer digital control with shifts luminance 10%-100% for selection.
    • Homogenous light in the operating field with minimum shadow.
    • Flexible and stable balance arms suspension system for height and angle.
    • Optimized air flow design for better hygiene.

Technical Specification :

Model No.

Z 500 + 500

Light Intensity @ 1 mt:

3,00,000 Lux

Number of LED’s:

90 + 90

Life-Span of LED’s:

50,000 hrs.

Focus Dia:

15-25 cm

Light Head Size

62.5 cm

Depth of Illumination

120 cm

Color Rendering Index Ra (1):


Color Temperature:

4300 K

Illuminating Adjustment:

10% - 100 %

Height Adjustment:

120 cm

Total Power Consumption:

80 W



Power Supply:

160V-240V DC, 50Hz

Control Unit: