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Three Pin Head Mayfield Fixtrator Neuro Attachment

Three Pin Head Mayfield Fixtrator

Neuro Attachment

Meditech (India) best manufacturer, supplier of neurosurgery attachments provides Three Pin Head Mayfield Fixtrator. It is used with the surgical table and can be rotated and adjusted according to the need. It provides three-point cranial fixations, better surgical field. This neurosurgery attachment gives stable and excellent support to the neurosurgeons as they perform different medical procedures. It is highly durable and made from stainless steel and other material, being excellent in durability and functionality it is in high demand among hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions. This Three Pin Head Mayfield neuro attachment being a simple and stable structure with high precision is the most suitable device for neurosurgery.

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Features :

    • An additional feature of the swivelling C-ARM is provided with the skull clamp.
    • This can greatly facilitate the positioning of the pins on the head around nerves, vessels, and thin bone in the temporal region.
    • The arm can be locked by the knob and width is adjusted by a ratchet mechanism.
    • The three cone-shaped pins are interchangeable and can be removed for sterilization; it comes for adults and children.
    • It is made up of stainless steel which is strong, acid proof and rust proof, it is easy to clean and antibacterial.x